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Water Restoration

Water damage can some in many different forms.  Sometimes we will see water damage that effects an entire home, an entire floor or just an area of a home.&... READ MORE

Water Cause Loss

Water damage can be started by a number of different events.  Heavy rain over a sustained amount of time can lead to flooding, which could mean trouble for... READ MORE

What to do if a storm ruins your Starke County Home

What are you to do if a storm ruins your home? There are several steps, and we can help guide you through! Here are a couple of tips:1. Get your meds! Thes... READ MORE

Water Damage: How SERVPRO Can Help!

When we say faster to any size disaster, we mean it! Whether it be a minor leak that wreaks major damage, or a full blow flood, we will be there for you every s... READ MORE

When Fire Hits Your Marshall County Home

When fire hits, where will you turn? When it comes to something like a fire, you don't experience it every day, and will want someone with the experience and th... READ MORE

When Water Damage Affects Your Pulaski Home

When water damage happens, it can be devastating! You need professionals that deal with these types of events every day, and can walk you through the steps to g... READ MORE

Mold In The Crawlspace in Pulaski County

Mold. Even the sound of the word makes most people crinkle their nose in disgust. This customer (see pictures) experienced water damage in their crawlspace due ... READ MORE

Dryer Fires in Marshall County

Dryer fires can be devastating! In this case, a customer had a loss that came from the dryer catching on fire. The customer’s wife put the fire out and dr... READ MORE

When Mold Hits Your Laundry Room In Starke County

Mold damage hit this laundry room when the PVC drain line for the washing machine sprung a slow leak. The water was wicked up by the drywall and eventually... READ MORE

Commercial Clean Up in Pulaski

This small office was damaged by water in due to a ruptured water line, which doused the carpet with a layer of pooling water.SERVPRO technicians arrived quickl... READ MORE